A study to Investigate the Determinants Related to Creative Attitude and its Relationship toward Social Intelligences among University Students

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Fahad Maqbool
Dr. Nighat Tabassum
Muhammad Imran Shahid


Creativity creates a new and valuable thinking style that makes inventive perception as well practical experiences. The main objectives of the study were to investigate the determinants related to creative attitude among university students and also check the relationship between creative attitudes toward social intelligences among university Students. The researcher was used quantitative approach. The population of the study was selected from the three different universities that are existed in Faisalabad. Sample is the representative subset of the population. Being a social scientist, we study sample rather than population because of limited resources and generalized the findings on the whole population. Four hundred (400) students were considered for this research by using convenient sampling technique. The researcher was used two (2) different scales to obtain the responses of the students. First, the creativity styles questionnaire by (Kemmler & Holman, 1997) that consisted on creativity capacity, environmental control, use of senses and superstation. The second scale toward social intelligence by  (Silvera et al., 2001) that consisted on communal facts base process, social skills and social awareness. Determinants of creative attitude determines different sub factors that are very responsible for creative attitude e.g. creativity capacity elaborated self-perception support the creative attitude however the environmental control/behavioral self-regulation, superstition and use of the senses directly enhance the creative attitude among the student and they think different from other and doing well as like others. The relationship between creativity and social intelligence indicated that environmental control was directly associated with social information processing however the sub factor of creativity use of the senses nonstop able correlated with social information and social awareness. Additionally the other factors e.g. correlated in moderated level base.

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