Kot Diji Fort and Mound of Diji, Khairpur Current Issues Regarding Administrations and Tourism Development

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Surhan Fatima
Sabeen Shah
Ifrah Fahim


This paper deals with the current tourism development issues present at Kot Diji fort and mound of Diji Khairpur, Sindh. To know what are the problem in these both sites interviews were conduct through open-ended questions. The questions asked in the interviews were gathered from reviewing different kind of literature on tourism, heritage and facilities at tourist’s sites. Eleven interviews done for survey. The interviews done via snowball sampling method. The data was collected and analysed through tabular analysis. It was said by the respondents of interviews that there are number of development issues at Kot Diji fort and mound of Kot Diji Khairpur like administrations problem, physical service, services, encroachment and self-sufficiency kind of issues. Respondents gave various suggestion for the problems present at Kot Diji fort and mound of Diji Khairpur, Sindh. The tourism authority must take action for the problem at both heritage sites.

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