Factor Effecting on Quality Teaching Learning at Public Sector Schools in Karachi Pakistan

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Madeeha Jabeen
Dr. Zahid Ali
Dr. Nazir Ahmad


Pakistan stands in the lowest ranks in effective teaching and learning in the world. There are more than a few reasons which are responsible for this state of concern. Incompetency of facilitators is the key factor among many of them. This study, grounded on an in-depth analysis of the prevailing literature, critically investigates the problems faced by students by the irresponsible behaviour, incompetency and lack of dedication towards quality teaching and lack of resources at public schools in Karachi, the most populated and metropolitan city of Pakistan. The study exposed that the teaching profession is run by the least trained, unmotivated teachers, as they are highly affected by biases, duplicity, and merit. Inadequacy of trained teachers in schools, absence of newest technical and pedagogical abilities as well as the paucity of teaching and learning resources in schools leading in overworked teaching personnel. All these things together have a tremendous detrimental impact on the nurturing and education of children which has sharply damaged the process of teaching and learning in schools. These difficulties can be removed to a maximum level by giving a warm and trustworthy environment to teachers as well as kids. Teaching resources should be provided to public schools, constant professional development and teacher training sessions should be undertaken and promotions must be made on the credibility of the instructors on merit basis. In addition, a comprehensive study of the topic is recommended.

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