Obstacles Faces by Emigrants with Migration Requirements; a Comparative Analysis of legal and illegal Emigration from Pakistan

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Sadia Javed


This article highlights the importance of Migration to another country, which evolves around the process of shifting to another state legally permanently, and the impediments faced by the applicants due to the unlimited processing period. The World Population Review's survey reveals that the United States of America has the highest number of migrations globally is 50.6 million just in 2020 (Review, 2024). This paper will discuss the immigration procedure, complexities, and approval ratio of different visa categories specifically the United States of America's Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) ( U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2019). There is a need to curtail the unnecessary and hectic processing time of immigration petitions for the easement of applicants, due to unpredictable and lengthy processing time, many of the applicants expire or get demotivated to adapt to a new phase of life at later ages, while other opt for illegal migration by adopting a death trap route. Furthermore, in Pakistan, there is an enormous need for a well-equipped and widespread knowledge of migration procedures and inclusion of immigration laws at an academic level that evolves around the paramount changes in national curriculums to make it a subject leading to curtail the illegal emigration flow.

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