Dismantlement of Family Lives: An Alarming Intimation for the Prudent Minds

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Sadia Javed


For a healthy and progressive mind and a nation, the happy family life serves as a first and foremost supporting pillar among the other worldly worries, while this affluence life style has been deteriorating due to the spouses’ breakups and wants for materialist approaches. This article highlights the reasons of high ratio of dissolution of marriages in Pakistan on the basis of Khula and Talaq. Furthermore, the article will also present the important and land mark judgements of adjudicated courts in Pakistan and their effects. A detailed arguments regarding the least efforts and role being played by the relevant authorities, departments, social organizations and local government bodies to halt the dismantlement of family life will also be encountered. There are bundle of reasons behind the ever-increasing number of divorce cases on the graph being spreading as a social disease, which is an alarming state of affairs. However, the solutions to stop unwelcomed tendency should need to be address at micro as well as at macro level to save the matrimonial lives for a consolidated, mentally and morally strong society. The loopholes in existing legal system, its implementation, the reforms and advancement in the prevailing infrastructure in consonance with Islamic Sharia law will also be discussed. Moreover, how the use and implementation of advance technology in a positive way can be adapted to make the government structure and governments bodies more efficient and effective with regard to smart and decisive work quickly.

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