Transnational Education (TNE) in Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward

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Dr. Muhammad Aqib Ali
Sana Muhammad Tariq
Usman Khalid


Transnational education (TNE) also referred to as borderless, cross-border, or off-shore education refers to a system of education wherein the students, without leaving their home country, study to attain a foreign qualification. The rise of transnational education is one of the most prominent aspects of modern globalized world. This paper assesses the origin and development of TNE sector in Pakistan by evaluating the multifarious facets of TNE in the context of Pakistan’s education system by highlighting the important issues and major challenges faced by the TNE system in the country. The TNE sector of Pakistan has grown steadily and progressively over the last two decades. The encouragingly fast-paced growth of TNE system omens positive prospects from the perspective of Pakistan’s higher education sector. The commendable progress of the TNE establishments and institutions in the country have both offered opportunities as well as also posed various challenges which are to be aptly addressed and countered in order to unlock the true potential of TNE sector in Pakistan. The paper entails a qualitative research approach and surveys a range of secondary data sources including the reports, publications, working papers and online sources. The paper eventually presents a few proposals and recommendations for the uplift of TNE by suggesting the way forward to explore and exploit the future prospects in the TNE sector of Pakistan.

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