Analysis of Organizational Commitment of TTS and BPS Teachers of Public Sector Universities in Lahore

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Farasat Batool
Dr. Ibtasam Thakur


Considering the global perspective Higher Education Commission, Pakistan has taken many valuable steps to ensure the quality and level of excellence in public sector universities of Pakistan. The tenure track system (TTS) is one of the initiatives to improve the performance of public sector universities. Research aims to see the organizational commitment between TTS and BPS teachers of public sector universities of Punjab. No study has been done on this subject in Pakistan so far. In order to meet the objectives and answer the research questions, a quantitative study was adopted. Standardized questionnaire was used. Cluster random sampling technique was used to collect the data from BPS and TTS teachers. This study has added to organizational commitment in broader spectrum and has provide useful recommendations for smooth implementation of TTS and BPS system.

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