Development of Creative Potentialities in Urdu Writing Skills for Grade 6

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Hina Akbar
Hafiza Gulnaz Fatima
Namirah Aslam


The development of Urdu creative writing skills through creative activities was examined in the present study at elementary school level. 21 students were the sample for this study. Only by applying random sampling technique were the respondents selected by researcher. Having applied an action research design, the data was collected through observational and documentation analysis from researchers' self-thought activities. In traditional classroom practices, students (participants of this study) rarely get any opportunities for bringing to light their creative thoughts as they are supposed to do nothing but copy from blackboard onto their worksheets. The researcher facilitated these students that are used to traditional classroom practices by giving them guidelines on creating and nurturing creative ideas in writing. This inevitably lead in resulting activity based learning as the most preferred learning style by students (participants). Throughout this study, participants were highly active in developing their creative Urdu writing skills through activity based learning. This study, henceforth, suggests that these innovative techniques needs to be carried on regular basis to help students in developing their Urdu creative writing. It can easily be stated that this study supports the importance of creative Urdu writing skills, and promotes it equally well.

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