Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) <p>Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) published by Sir Syed College of Education Katlang Mardan, Pakistan</p> Sir Syed College of Education, Katlang Mardan en-US Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2710-4524 The Depression and Marital Distress: Assessing the Predictive Role of Narcissistic Features <p><em>The present study focused on investigating the predictive role of narcissistic features concerning marital distress and depressive symptomology. Sample of the study comprised two hundred diagnosed depressive married individuals (N=200). Data was obtained from conveniently selected diagnosed depressed females (n= 108) and males (n= 92) from public and Government sector hospitals and clinics in Mansehra, Abbottabad, and Islamabad cities. The Urdu version of the Marital Quality scale and Narcissistic Vampire checklist was used to assess narcissistic features and marital distress. Results revealed that narcissistic features significantly predicted marital distress among individuals with depression. Similarly, gender differences revealed that females had more narcissistic features and displayed more marital distress as compared to males. Moreover, depressive patients with a longer duration of courtship exhibited more marital distress feelings and attitudes toward their partners. The current study result will be helpful to couple/family therapists and clinicians in planning and dealing with material distress and related psychological issues among individuals with depression.</em></p> Dr. Shagufta Perveen Rabia Jehangir Khan Saad Ullah Khattak Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 1 5 Application of the Invitational Learning Model in Government and Non-Governmental Educational Institutions <p><em>This study focused on investigation of the use of invitational learning model in government and non-government educational institutes of KPK, Pakistan. This study was delimited to the public and private schools of District Mardan. A quantitative approach was adopted for collection of data wherein questionnaires were used as data collection for taking information from the respondents. It has been concluded that educational institution buildings, classrooms, staffrooms, offices, hallways, cafeteria, library, playgrounds of the government educational institutions are of high importance, to make teaching learning environment attractive for the learners. Findings of the study were, well planned programs offer a good learning environment to the students which affect their educational performance.</em></p> Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Dr. Ateeq Ahmad Tariq Asad Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 6 11 Relationship of Self Efficacy and Academic Achievements in Science at the Secondary Level: A Case Study of Poonch District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir <p><em>The purpose of this study is to ascertain the relationship between self-efficacy levels of science teachers and students with academic achievement in science at the secondary level. The research was descriptive in nature and survey method used. One survey was utilized for teachers, and the other was used for students. Simple random sampling was adopted and 200 students, 100 males and 100 girls, made up the sample of the study, which also included 45 male and 45 female teachers. Tools for statistical analysis included correlation coefficient, mean, standard deviation, range, and t-test. Male teachers were shown to have higher personal efficacy and student achievement in chemistry than female teachers, whereas female teachers had higher self efficacy and student achievement in biology than the male teachers. It is suggested that science teachers use words like "you can do this" to show their appreciation for their pupils' academic success. According to this study, a teacher who attended more classes and taught more students was more effective, therefore teacher training is suggested. Training programs can be used to boost teachers' self-efficacy. In-service teacher training programmes in biology and chemistry should be organized for ongoing professional development</em>.</p> Nighat Nazir Dr. Rahmat Ullah Bhatti Dr. Muhammad Asghar Ali Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 12 20 Vocabulary Learning Strategies and their Influence on Language Proficiency of Multilingual Undergraduate ESL Learners <p><em>The purpose of this study was to focus primarily upon the Vocabulary Learning Strategies and investigate their effects on comprehension, awareness and language competence of ESL undergraduate learners in Karachi, Pakistan. Today's learners in the classroom are more diverse in a number of areas, including linguistic, culture, location, and socioeconomics. This increasing variety inside the classroom highlights the demand for a transition toward education that is more learner-centred and supported by more resources. A system of education that is centred on the learner requires teachers to make use of their expertise and the available resources in order to determine how individual students learn best and then encourage them to actively engage with the appropriate vocabulary learning strategies in the diverse cultural classrooms. The current study used a cross-sectional descriptive survey design and utilized a quantitative research method. The data was processed to derive the facts and figures from the responses of undergraduate respondents. In consideration of vocabulary learning methodologies, data analysis for vocabulary knowledge and vocabulary acquisition was accomplished. The researchers examined the demographics and the questionnaire responses from (n=350), 193 (55.1%) males and 157 (44.9%) females undergraduate ESL/EFL learners using Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences. Results showed that majority of the learners agreed that vocabulary can be enhanced through different but appropriate intensive reading strategies like; words of their interest, reading story books, repeating lesson through rhyming words, repetition of new words and words while listening to colleagues and others, most of the learners rated high scores to intensive reading strategies. In order to gradually improve the learners' language proficiency, comprehension, and expression for practical application in daily life, English vocabulary must be taught taking into account their unique needs and cultural background. The study also showed that undergraduate ESL/EFL learners require support with lexical knowledge for vocabulary learning through a variety of ways. English language is utilized in every aspect of life, so it is essential to provide ESL learners with appropriate lexical knowledge for excellent language competence.</em></p> Dr. Zahid Ali Dr. M. Akram Mankash Dr. Noor Ullah Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 21 34 Factors of Success for Family-owned Schools: A Qualitative Study based on the Perceptions of Principals and Teachers <p><em>The research study was conducted in three family-owned schools in Karachi, Pakistan. These schools were set up after the country’s independence 75 years ago and began with less than 50 students on the students’ roll. Today they each have approximately 2000 students and few branches across the city. The question of what makes them successful and thriving today has been researched using the qualitative method and a case study approach. The participants included principals and teachers of the schools and were interviewed using self-developed semi-structured protocols. The principals were interviewed individually and three group interviews comprising five to seven teachers each were conducted. Interviews were transcribed and data analyzed, and ten themes for the success of family-owned schools were identified. The principals perceived teachers as an important factor whereas the teachers focused more on students’ holistic development through curricular and co-curricular activities. Student results, and legacy of the school were identified. The extent of how far principals and teachers have similar perceptions are discussed. Recommendations reflect the need to include more participants from amongst the senior administrative staff to identify factors that reflect those related to family ownership.</em></p> Nancy Aziz Bashirdin Dr. Nasreen Hussain Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 35 44 Improving Cognitive Academic Writing Abilities through Peer Support <p><em>This paper is based on action research and is an endeavor to reflect on teaching practice as well as to support academic writing among undergraduate students at a public sector university. This is a work in collaboration with co-researchers to analyzes the lack of peer support among the graduate students during their writing workshops. Data were gathered from an undergraduate class that I taught and my co-researchers observed it through classroom visits, observations, surveys and interviews. Both Quantitative and Quantitative methods were used to collect and analyze the data. After analyzing the data through the analytical framework of Lev Vygotsky to observe improvement among the students’ writing abilities. This action research fundamentally informs the teachers about successful scaffolding of students in academic writing through critical self-reflective teaching practices.</em></p> Dr. Yasir Hussain Dr. Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai Ms. Qurratulain Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 45 52 Idioms: An Analysis of Translation from Pashto to English <p><em>Idioms and their translation have a significant part in translation research where several issues and complexities exist. Keeping in view this dimension of idioms’ translation, the present research examines what differences can be found in the use of idioms in both the source and target texts, and how idioms are translated from ST to the TT, i.e., what procedures are mostly used. For the same purpose, different idioms were used and the data were analyzed with the help of Vinay and Darbelnet's models (1958) translation procedures. The data show that a mixture of different idioms both in ST and TT have been used. As far as translation of the idioms is concerned, it was found that Equivalence, Borrowing, Calques, Literal translation, Transposition, Modulation, Adaption, or social translation have been used in the translated idioms. The usage of more idioms in the ST can be attributed to social and cultural distinctions as most things in Pashtun society are given with meaning that is indirect and metaphorical. The study may have significance on academics, instructors, curriculum designers, and translators.</em></p> Faraz Muhammad Mujtaba Khan Zaheer Ullah Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 53 62 Relationship of Online Teaching Effectiveness with Students Achievements at the University Level: A Correlational Study <p><em>The purpose of the study was to measure the correlation between online teaching effectiveness and students’ academic achievements at the university level. The key aim of the study was to ascertain the link between online teaching effectiveness and student learning achievement in an online-based learning environment at the university level. The methodology of the study was quantitative. All the students of the public and private sector universities were taken as the population of the study. Convenient sampling techniques were employed to select samples from universities. The sample size was [n=300]. The questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents (150 Male and 150 Females). Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the gathered data. The findings of the study showed a large correlation between online teaching effectiveness and student academic achievement at the university level.</em></p> Misbah Ijaz Dr. Shazia Malik Muhammad Amjad Javaid Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 63 75 The Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice as the Predictors of Faculty Achievement at the Higher Education Level <p><em>The present study was conducted to find out the role of procedural justice and distributive justice as a predictor of faculty achievement and to identify the most dominating factor for faculty achievement at the higher education level. The study was descriptive and the survey technique was used for the collection of required data. All the public sector university teachers of Islamabad were taken as the population of the study. 100 university teacher were taken as a sample of the study through a simple random sample technique. The organizational Justice Measurement Instrument developed by Moorman and Neiof (1993) and the faculty achievement measurement instrument developed by Boyer (1997) was used as the research instrument. The instrument comprised 31 items. Data were collected through personal visits to sampled universities. The data were analyzed through confirmatory factor analysis, correlation and multiple regression. The findings of the study revealed that there was a significant relationship between organizational justice and faculty achievement. Results showed that procedural justice is positively associated with faculty achievement and has a significant impact. Results also showed that distributive justice is confidently related to faculty achievement and it is highly significant. According to the study findings, distributive justice is the most dominating factor for faculty achievement so it is recommended that university administrations focus on distributive justice for enhancing faculty achievement.</em></p> Humaira Abbasi Dr. Saira Nudrat Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 76 87 Prevalence and Modelling of Complication of Diabetes and Its Risk Factors in District Dir Lower Khyber Pakhtunkhwa <p><em>In this study prevalence of complication in type 2 diabetes and its associated factors are identified. Two stage cluster sampling method is used to select sample of diabetic patients from the District Dir Lower Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Structure interview schedule is developed to capture necessary information from the selected patients. Binary logistic regression model is used to investigate risk factors of complication of diabetes. Moreover, 95% confidence interval (CI) for population proportion for each complication is calculated. Analysis revealed that major complication of diabetes are autonomic dysfunction (15%) and foot ulcer (11%). Further, 55% of diabetics have no complication. Also, major risk factors to the complication are obesity, lack of exercise, positive family history of diabetes and hypertension.</em></p> Dr. Zahid Khan Bashir ul Haq Arshia Amin Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 88 92 Interplay of Students' Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement at Higher Secondary School Level <p><em>This quantitative inferential survey research study was carried out on 312 higher secondary school students, investigating the interplay of Students’ Learning strategies (Intrinsic goal orientation, Test anxiety, Self-regulation, Cognitive Strategies, Self efficacy, Self-determination and Academic Regulation), and Academic Achievement in district Bannu. Data was collected from the sample through a valid and reliable questionnaire. During the selection of the sample, a cluster random and proportional allocation technique were used; as descriptive statistics, the mean and standard deviation were used. As an inferential statistical test, linear regression and Pearson coefficient correlation were used. The findings of this study revealed that students experience various types of Learning strategies while studying and that this has a significant relationship with academic achievement. According to the researcher, schools should provide students with an environment where all Learning strategies can be mentioned on and promoted.</em></p> Farid Ullah Shah Dr. Gulap Shahzada Dr. Habib Nawaz Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 93 104 Enhancing Classroom Management Skills through Critical Reflection: A Qualitative Study of Primary Teachers <p><em>Effective classroom management impacts student success and is directly related to teaching skills. Critical reflection can enhance teaching in Pakistan’s primary schools. The purpose of this study is to explore primary teachers’ perceptions about enhancing classroom management skills through critical reflection. The objective is to find different ways in which primary teachers can enhance their classroom management skills through critical reflection. It helps teachers change their values and beliefs according to the situation and students’ needs. This is a qualitative study using a hermeneutic phenomenology research design. Participants lived experiences and perceptions of these events were obtained using semi-structured interviews. Purposive sampling was used to select ten primary teachers from The Punjab School. The data analysis revealed that most participants stated that proper prior planning helps in classroom management, and they believed it was difficult to implement critical reflection; however, they had a positive attitude toward critical reflection. It is recommended that the school should arrange workshops for teachers to learn more about critical reflection.</em></p> Moniba Ashraf Yaar Muhammad Tahira Batool Bokhari Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 105 114 Language Shift and Maintenance: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Attitudes of the Youth towards the Local Language in Multan City <p><em>The present study was survey research conducted in the Multan city, and the purpose was to investigate the language attitudes of the youth towards the Punjabi language and its use in different domains of life. The study used Fishman's Domain theory and was descriptive in its nature. The study used the quantitative research approach and adopted the stratified random sampling technique. The data was obtained through an online survey from both male and female university students. Overall, 384 students were elected from both the private and the public universities of Multan, and the data was analyzed statistically using Microsoft Excel Software. The results of the study showed that the young Punjabis do not have positive attitude towards the Punjabi language. They consider it a useless language and shifting from it. They consider the English and the Urdu language more useful as compared to the Punjabi language. Majority of the respondents never used the Punjabi language for communication in any of the domains of life selected for the study. The future linguistic scenario of the Punjabi language in Multan seems to be in danger. The future researches can be done in different cities of South Punjab to know the status of the Punjabi language thoroughly.</em></p> Amna Komal Rahat Bashir Farzana Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 115 128 Maternal Employment Guilt and Health Promoting Behavior: Assessing the Predicting Role of Social Support <p><em>The purpose of the present study was to explain the impact of perceived social support on maternal employment guilt and health promoting behavior among working teachers in Pakistan. Data was collected from (N=600). Purposive sampling has been used. The study is quantitative in nature. The main instruments used in the study were Perceived Social Support‎ contained 5 items, Maternal Employment Guilt ‎contained 15 items and Wellness Behavior Inventory contained 12 items. To test the hypothesis, descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression analysis were used. It was hypothesized that there is a significant impact of perceived social support on maternal employment guilt and there is a significant impact of perceived social support on health-promoting behavior. The results concluded that there was a significant influence of perceived social support on maternal employment guilt and health promoting behavior of working teachers whereas, the Perceived social support was positively correlated to wellness behavior inventory and wellness behavior inventory was negatively linked with maternal employment and guilt. On the other hand, that there was a negative relationship between maternal employment guilt and health promoting behavior of working teachers. </em></p> Misbah Rehman Nabeela Raza Maria Ashraf Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 129 139 Tourists’ Perception about the Development at Kot Diji Fort, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan <p><em>This paper deals with the development of Kot Diji fort Khairpur, Sindh according to tourists’ perception, for that one questionnaire was designed. Before designing the questionnaire, some interviews and observation was done on the first place. First observation was done by visiting the fort for a few times to observe that what kind of facilities are being provided to the visitors and what facilities should be there. Secondly Interviews were taken from experts about the fort to collect the first hand data from the people who work there officially. And according to that data which was collected from observation and interviews, a questionnaire was designed and was filled from the visitors of the fort for the survey. The sampling size for the data collection was according to Morgan’s table so the figure was 384. So 384 responses were taken from the visitors. Because it were both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods the research type was hence mixed methodology. Then the survey analysed via various software. It concluded that the fort really need more development strategies to develop the fort and to catch more tourists. The government and concerned authorities must have a close eye on the development of the Kot Diji fort Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan.</em></p> Surhan Fatima Saima Kalwar Yousif Mangi Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) 2022-09-30 2022-09-30 2 3 140 150