A Lexical Analysis of Pakistani and Indian Budget Speeches

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Sidra Ahmad
Iqra Iqbal
Shahzadi Sumra


Present research involves Pakistani and Indian budget speeches for corpus driven analysis to examine the lexical choices. It is a mix method research involving both the qualitative as well as quantitative paradigms of research. The budget speeches from 2009 to 2013 have been selected to compile the corpus.  Pakistani budget speeches have 4607 types and 30098 tokens in corpus, whereas the types of Indian budget speeches are 5569 and its token are 46147. For tagging the corpora CLAWS Tagger C7 Tagset has been used and to study the concordance lines Antconc 3.2.1 has been involved; its major role is to extract the parts of speech and measure the frequencies of chosen words. Lexical fields have been classified through key wordlist and frequency. Position of lexical fields has been determined through concordance plot with the help of software the major objective of the research is to investigate the lexical features of PBS and IBS.  For this purpose, similar and different lexical categories of Pakistan and Indian budget speeches of nouns and verbs have been formed to finalize the results. The study concludes that budget discourse has its own specified language which is designed according to the set phenomenon of government(s) to achieve indicated goals.

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