Examine the Attitudes of Prospective Teachers towards Teaching Profession

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Dr. Sunble Bibi
Humaira Abbasi
Misbah Shafait Abbasi


Education is a key factor to bring change in society. Teachers are the people who bring this change productively. An important matter is the positive attitude. The key purpose of this study is to determine the attitude of prospective teachers that studying in the B.Ed. Hons, in teacher education institutions. This study was a quantitative and survey questionnaire that based on a five-point Likert scale was used. The sample of the study consisted of 200 respondents. Data was analyzed through SPSS by using a t-test. The results determine that female prospective teachers have a more attitude than males. Moreover, public sector prospective profession as compared to private sector prospective teachers. Based on results, it may be recommended that teachers may be provided a conducive environment for learning that ensures the system of prepare the prospective teachers motivated, energetic and more inspire for teaching for completion of their responsibilities more effectively.

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