A Comparative Study on the use of ICT on Male and Female Students' Learning at Elementary Schools level

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Sadaf Mazhar Alvi
Qaisara Parveen
Tehsin Ehsan


Learning for education requires acquiring many sorts of information and either modifying or gaining new knowledge, behaviors, skills, abilities, and preferences. The study looks into elementary school' students' using ICT in their learning because technology is being used in every part of life, including education, and its usage is becoming more widespread and crucial for students. The aim of this study was the use of ICT on male and female students learning at elementary school levels. The study was descriptive, and the data was gathered using a quantitative method. The population was made up of students from Islamabad's public elementary schools male and female students of 7th and 8th grades. The findings also show that male students utilize ICT with confidence and are familiar with the tools. Male students frequently utilize the internet for both personal and academic purposes. In elementary school, male students utilize ICT to expand their knowledge and improve their digital skills. As a result, the majority of male students choose careers in software engineering and computer sciences. Female students are also less interested in using ICT than male students. The purpose of the study is comparison between of male and female students learning through ICT.

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